Monday, September 5, 2016


Hello All,

Sis Duncan and the pizza
Pizza week has been so awesome!!! My mind is totally molding into the missionary mode. Which is a good thing. Every day seems a little shorter, and so amazing. I love it out here.

In the middle of the week one of my companions moms ordered pizza for us, and sent it to our door. It was not gluten free, but that did not stop me from eating some. It was very good, and also quite comforting. I was very happy and thankful for Sis. Duncan's mom. (:

We also had a deaf social that happened this week. Every Friday the deaf people meet at a Starbucks and sit and chat with each other. Sis. Duncan and I decided to go, get to know more deaf people, improve our sign language, and maybe find some investigators. It was awesome. We signed with a lot of people and we were also able to talk with someone who had been to church before but wasn't being taught. We set up a lesson with him and got to know him. Overall it was a great night. (:

Ps I love ASL!

We were also asked to help the Young Women in one of our wards learn Sign Language for a song they we're going to sing and sign in sacrament meeting in a month. Sis. Duncan got sick so I was solo with helping the leaders teach them, while Sis. Golding played the piano. Luckily they had also asked a women in the ward help teach them sign language because she has a deaf brother so she taught while I copied her signs for the girls who couldn't see her. It was really fun, and now I know a song in ASL.

 A home in Dallas
A home in Dallas
This week we also had exchanges. That is where we switch companions with the Sister Training Leaders for a day or two. We do it every transfer. I was really scared before hand, but it ended up being really great. I really enjoyed getting to know them, learning new things, seeing different missionaries and how they do things, and so much more. I really loved them and am very thankful for them. This week has gone by so fast with not many stories to tell. We did a lot of knocking on doors, and contacting referrals. This week has felt so productive and great. I love it out here, I love my mission, and I am so so thankful that Heavenly Father is looking out for me. I have a lot to improve on and a long way to go. It will be hard, but I am, so excited. I love you all, and hope you all have a great week. (:

Love, Sister McKell

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