Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Hi All, 

This week has been pretty awesome. Very productive. I finally got Facebook set up, and I am very excited to use it to invite others to come unto Christ. I was told to tell those at home that as I post

things on Facebook you can like anything I post if you desire, but try to limit comments only because Facebook is not something to be used to communicate home. But it is fine to like.
Last Monday my district and I decided we wanted to try controlling our Chi. That is what the first picture is. We were all focusing and breathing trying to harness our Chi. It was quite funny because none of us took it very seriously. I was surprised we even got a picture of us looking semi serious. We also pulled a prank on some of our elders and stuck sticky notes all over there car. It was really funny. When they came out and saw it all he said was, "Sisters.....". We enjoyed it.

On Tuesday we had our first some conference. It was awesome we talked about sacrifice and what we are willing to do and sacrifice for our Heavenly Father, our mission, etc. it was amazing. We also talked about how you need technology, the Book of Mormon, the Holy Ghost, and missionaries all working together if you want to succeed. That is the picture of the boys elders laughing. They were sitting in a square, then leaned back onto each other and made a table. The chairs that they had been sitting on were taken away and they held each other up. It represented that they all fit together and strengthen each other. It also represented that when one was taken away they all fell. It was an awesome object lesson. We need them all, working together, to succeed. I loved the conference. It really taught a lot, got us thinking, and helped us to become better. I loved it all.

Sister Duncan and I were given the opportunity to go to the temple for the ASL endow meant session. First I must say I love the temple, and the Dallas temple is beautiful. It was a little sad because no deaf people came so it changed into a regular session, but it was still amazing. Very spiritual, and something I really needed.

This week we also met with the Plano 3rd ward ASL group again on Sunday. Can I just say that I really love it there. It feels like home. We got to know the people more and we also shared our testimonies in ASL in sacrament meeting. It was very scary, the ASL came very naturally and I think it went okay. I am so glad I get to work with the ASL group.

This week has been very busy, but doesn't have too many stories to tell. We did teach an investigator and at the end of the lesson I invited her to be baptized, and she said YES! I am very excited. And the spirit was so strong and amazing. I loved this week. I can feel myself becoming a better missionary each and every day. I am so glad I am here. I love you all. More stories to come next week!

Love Sis. Mckell

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