Monday, August 22, 2016


Hello All

This week has flown by! We had lots of lessons, lots of work, and lots of productivity. I am very close to being able to use Facebook. I have almost finished setting it up to be missionary appropriate. (: I am very excited.

One amazing thing about this week is that it rained every day. Not only did I love it because I love rain but it also dropped the Texas heat to a very decent temperature. There was a day where it rained so much that my companions and I decided to go out into the rain and jump in the puddles. Which was crazy by the way. It was like there was a river outside of our apartment. So of course we went and jumped and splashed all around. It was really fun. (Photos attached)

Sis. Golding and I also had the opportunity to serve a lady by having her give us art lessons. There is a picture attached of the first vision. I know it's not professional but I painted it. (:

Another thing I have realized is that the houses here, or at least in Plano, are beautiful. 98% of them, are brick but just amazing. I love them.

On Saturday it was Aug. 20th my Mirthday. Which is a monthly celebration of how long you have been on your mission. I got to the MTC July 20th so Aug. 20th was my 1 month Mirthday. My companions sang to me and made me gluten free rainbow confetti pancakes. I have the best companions ever. (Thats the pic of me with wet hair, while I am eating).

Last but not least, this may have been the best part of my week. My mission president called last week and told us that there was a deaf group in another ward and that he wanted us to work with them and to also be over them. So I am now partly an ASL missionary. On Sunday day Sis. Duncan and I went to church with the deaf group and it was so amazing. I felt so at home there. They were so nice and sooo excited to have ASL Sister missionaries. I also realized that I can understand ASL a lot better then I thought. I really loved it.

Sorry if this email didn't flow. I just have stories that I want to tell. I also hope they all make sense.

This week has been awesome. My companions are great, we did a lot, the spirit was already there, and I can feel myself changing for the better. I love it here and am so glad to be here. I love you all and am so thankful for your support. I will email again next week.

Love, Sister Mckell

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