Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Hello Everyone,

I have completed my first week out in the field and honestly have had home really rough moments, but overall it's been worth it and it's so amazing. I was put into a trio and my companions are so amazing. They teach me so much. My mission just recently became a Facebook mission meaning we can use it as a tool to contact and connect with investigators. But not those at home. (Insert from Russ - the mission contacted all families asking that we, and their friends, do not contact the missionaries using Facebook or Messenger).  Speaking of Facebook you can get on and look up Texas Dallas mission and watch a video of me coming out of the airport from Monday, when we landed.

My first day officially out in the field we went to a lesson and then to street contact. We met a man where half way through the conversation he took out his teeth, and he also said that when he was four he died and saw Jesus.  So that was an interesting conversation. But a great story.

So my new address is:
 6300 roundrock trail
apartment 3602
Plano, Texas 75023

Please write me. I would love to hear from you. Also you can email me anytime (rebekah.mckell@myldsmail.net), I would love to hear from you that way also. Please send me pictures!

It has rained the last few days which has dropped the temperature a lot, and for that I am very thankful.

I thought I should tell a quick story. One of my companions this week had the idea to pop a popcorn kernel in her straightener. So she tried it. And it worked she popped it with her straightener. It was so funny and it surprised all three of us. It was great. Also just an upside there are cute bunnies hopping around everywhere here. It makes me smile ever time I see one. I love it.

So as you know today was pday. We spent two hours of it helping member move even though it was pday. I didn't mind at all. It was actually kind of nice to do something that was helpful but not walking around asking people if they wanted a pass along card. Though that is fun too. We also played some sports with the elders. One of them was called spider ball and I loved it.

Overall I have had some hard times but they only make me better and will continue to do so. I a, so glad to be out in Texas serving me Heavenly Father. I love you all very much. And I hope to hear from you soon. I LOVE YOU!!!!

Talk to you next week.

Love Sister McKell

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