Tuesday, August 9, 2016


To All

It is my second and last P-Day here at the MTC and I couldn't be more excited! This week has flown by I cannot believe that I have been here for 2.5 weeks already. I leave the MTC on Aug. the 8th! It's so soon, but I am so ready.

So this week had a lot of fun things happen. I am going to tell each individual thing so it may not flow very well, but they are good stories. 

First I wanted to tell everyone about the Hunger Game voice. It is the funniest thing. Imagine the booming voice in the Hunger Games that will make announcements in the arena. We have one of those here at the MTC. Every night at 10:15 it comes on super loud (scares me every time) and says, "IT IS NOW 10:15 QUIET TIME". Then at 10:30 it comes on and says, "IT IS NOW 10:30 LIGHTS OUT". Sis. Slagle (my companion) and I think it is so funny.

Then on Sunday we had a devotional with Bro. Allen, he's is part of the missionary media presidency or something like that. He was amazing. He not only had the spirit with him as he spoke but he was so funny. His talk wasn't about a specific thing but he talked about being you, and not hiding yourself away. He also talked about showing people you love them. He said that those you love can't always see your love so tell them you love them. everything he said touched me, and every word he said was something I needed to hear. There was so much more he talked about, his whole talk was amazing.
So Every day we have a certain amount of time to study. Whether you do that with your companion or alone it is time set aside to study. A couple days ago Sis. Slagle and I were sitting in our classroom just about to start our studying when the rest of the district came it. 

Let me go back for a second. My district consists of 8 18 year old elders and 4 19-20 year old sisters (all 4 of us are going to Dallas). The 4 sisters includes me and my companion. So as they all tumbled in there was no more quiet. They elders were talking and laughing. It made it hard to study, but I chose to stay in the room. Though a lot of my study time was wasted it was really fun to bond more with my district. We ended up playing some games. They are hard to explain, but they are kind of like riddles and mind games put together. We played: can I paint the moon, I am going on a camping trip, black magic, and many others. They were really fun because they got you thinking, but also frusterating because sometimes they were hard to figure out.I really enjoyed them.

After the devotional on Sunday they play movies and I saw the conference talk Characteristics of Christ. It was so amazing and touching. It talks about how to become more christlike and be a better missionary. It is hard to put into words how good it was.But it really touched me and made me want to be better and strive to be a better missionary.

Something crappy that happened is that I got sick. Getting sick is one of the worst things ever because you are around people all day long, plus you don't ever really have time to stop and let your body rest. So getting sick was not fun at all. Today I am feeling slightly better, but still not perfect. I just hope it goes away before I fly out.

Something else that is really little but is something that has stuck out to me was a couple of days ago my companion and I were walking down the sidewalk and we heard little peeps. We then discovered a tiny baby bird in the bushes.It was so cute, tiny, and fuzzy. I just loved it so much. Of course we didn't touch it, because we wanted its mom to come back. But it was so cute.

Last but not least I wanted to tell a story about something that happened in one of my classes. My teacher, Sis. Evans, decided to do an activity where she would play herself but also an investigator. She went out of the room for 45 minutes while we (my district) talked, studied, and prepared a lesson for Sis. Evans. We kind of had a hard time because Sis. Evans is an amazing teacher and knows everything you could possible know. Whenever we have a question she knows the answer and a scripture to go with it. If we are having struggles she knows exactly where to turn in Preach My Gospel. She also carries the spirit around with her everywhere. She is just an amazing teacher and person. So as we planned we came to the conclusion to help her to strengthen her relationship with Christ instead of trying to teach her something new. It ended up being an amazing spiritual lesson. The spirit totally guided us. She teared up a little and told us that we did a good job. Overall though that was my favorite part of the week. The spirit, lesson, and seeing the light is Sis. Evans eyes as we talked with her was amazing.

I am sorry my email is so long, I hope you can understand it even thought it is not super organized and kind of all over. These were all just little stories that have happened throughout the week that made me smile, or made my day. Though small, they were big to me. So hopefully you understand my stories and they aren't too boring. These were just stories I wanted to share.

I love it here at the MTC. I love my companion. Though I have had some really hard days I can tell it will be worth it. I am so thankful for this amazing experience and opprotunity. I love all you all and am so thankful for all your support. The next time you receive an email from me it will be from Dallas. Wish me luck! Love you all!!!

I also included some pictures of me, my companion, and my district family.

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