Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Hello everyone, 

Today is my first P-Day here in the MTC. It has been a really long journey to get here. Not even a full week in. But it has been amazing. I have had some really hard days, lots of anxiety, and stress in the last few days, but over all it’s been so good. I now feel tons better and stronger then ever.

It is really cool no matter where you are on campus you can feel the spirit. It is so amazing that you can sit anywhere and just be overwhelmed by the spirit.   

I was assigned to a companion. Her name is Sis. Slagle. We are almost the same person it is so funny. We get a long so well. It is almost like we have been friends for years. We work really well together and can almost read each other’s minds. It’s really nice to have such an awesome companion.

The gluten-free options here are amazing. They have a little room in the cafeteria that is full of gluten free food, and so far it has all been really good. Sometimes it makes Sis. Slagle mad because my food is better then hers. I have had chocolate milk almost every day. I hadn’t realized what I was missing in the chocolate milk area until now. It is so good. :0 

I know that everyone probably wants to hear a story and other then being exhausted and working from wake up to bed time there aren’t very many but I will tell you Sis. Slagle's favorite story. So on, I believe our second day Sis. Slagle and I went to our PI and when we came back I noticed a huge blue spot on my chair. I asked my district what had happened and who had done it and everyone had that guilty look. So I looked at another Sister and asked if it had been there the whole time or if it had just happened. She told me that one of the Elders was trying to throw his pen and get it stuck in the ceiling (the Elders in my district are still boys at heart) and had landed and hit my chair. I expressed relief to her because I had thought that I had sat on it and got it on my skirt. An Elder walked over and asked to see it, without thinking I tried to show him the back of my skirt. His face flushed and he said, "no, not you the chair." Then my face flushed. Of course he didn’t want to see my skirt. I felt so embarrassed. Though that is probably the hardest my district has laughed all week. (Sorry if its not as funny being retold as it was when it happened.)

We also have this amazing teacher, Sis. Evans, and she is my favorite. She is so sweet and loving. Every lesson she teaches I can feel the spirit so strong. She really is super cool.

Last but not least, Sis. Slagle and I had our first and second TRC yesterday. That's when we have an "investigator", someone to practice teaching lessons on. We had two of them and they both went so good. After each of them, Sis. Slagle and I looked at each other and could tell that it had been good. The spirit was so strong and guided us through the whole lesson. By the way for both investigators we had prepared a lesson and when we got in there the spirit told us different things to say. So both times we didn’t use our lesson plan. But they were amazing. The spirit I felt is the reason why I am here. It is the reason I know I am supposed to be here.

There is probably more I could say but for this week this is where I am going to end. I love you all so very much. I know this church is true and I know that trials are headed my way but with Heavenly Father by my side I can do anything. I love the MTC and am so excited to get to Dallas in 2 weeks. I love this church and know that because of it I am who I am today. Thank you all for your prayers, love, and support. I hope to talk to you all soon. 

Please feel free to email me. I will do my best to answer next P-Day, and/or send me a letter:

Sister Rebekah Bailey McKell
Texas Dallas Mission
Provo MTC
2005 N 900 E Unit 269
Provo UT 84602
United States

Once again love you all. I will send another email next week.

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